Chemists aren’t just geeks in a research. Some are really sexy geeks in a lab — and also make great dates!

Listed below are 15 reasons why you should date a chemist:

1. The puns. You will have great “biochemistry.” Chemists have the ability to the “solutions” and great “figures.”

2. Chemists have minds. This body organ should not be overrated.

3. The go out can probably guide you to ascertain the reason why your meal recipe helps to keep dropping flat. (your kitchen is really the lab of the house.)

4. Chemists care about the facts.

5. Chemists like learning — and revealing that excitement apps for lesbians expertise. You will have your own trip tips guide within technology heart.

6. Chemists cannot stop trying effortlessly. They may be willing to invest in lots of experimentation and try multiple practices to be able to satisfactorily solve difficulty.

7. Lab coats are pretty spiffy.

8. Chemists tend to be diligent. Some their particular work is time-consuming and repetitive.

9. Chemists are superb with kids and at events, thanks to the miracles of dry ice and easy at-home presentations.

10. Chemists are constantly interested in how situations work. Might begin looking at average things from another viewpoint.

11. Chemists focus really and also have amazing interest spans. From the lab, you will be given their full interest, as well.

12. Your date is an individual who would like to keep discovering and enhancing. Aspiring to measurable development is inspiring.

13. Chemists do not let germs interfere with their unique effects. No reason to worry about bad health here.

14. Chemists tend to be practical thinkers. If you should be expected out-by a chemist, he/she probably really wants to date you — features currently put a lot of thought in it.

15. Chemists like framework and security. This can include healthy, loyal interactions.